Friday, 25 November 2016

K. V. Dominic's Poetic Tribute to Mahasweta Devi

A Poetic Tribute to Mahasweta Devi

K. V. Dominic

Mahasweta Devi literally means Goddess Saraswati
Her mother’s name Dharithri meaning Earth
Yes, Mahasweta Devi who departed us on 28th July
was Saraswati to millions of tribals, dalits and marginalized
who were lifted from doom and  darkness to resurgent light
She was indeed proud daughter of Mother Earth
committed to protect Earth and her inhabitants
from all kinds of exploitations and maternal assaults
Didi, you were the loving compassionate sister as well as
mother of the millions of helpless miserable fellow beings
Even at ninety you were eager to fly to wipe out tears
You could hear the scream of tortured people and
neither health nor distance could stop your incessant flights
Didi, you were the crusader of the downtrodden,
tribals, dalits, women, landless, migrants, prostitutes
You were savior of denotified tribes Lodha and Shabar
You were their mouthpiece—spoke for them, raised funds for them
legally fought for them, and organized them to fight for their rights
Didi, you are role model to all writers in the world
Unlike others writing from mansions full of luxury
and shedding crocodile tears at the plight of the poor
you lived among them, ate from their plates and
braved all dangers supporting their noble survival cause
Gandhi and Mother Teresa influenced you a lot
Practised in your life what you wrote and preached
And your social life and literary life merged into one
Your writings created an Everest in literary world
More than hundred novels and over twenty books
of short fiction all dealing with human sufferings
And your priority was for content than to form
Didi, you wanted to work for ever for your people
And hence told “I don’t want to die. I want to live forever.”
Only your body has departed and your spirit remains immortal
And like the mahuva tree which grows on your grave
the values and messages you have sown in the minds
will germinate and spread all over the world and
bower aching minds from terrible burning issues

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