Thursday, 24 November 2016

K V Dominic's Poem "Dogs’ Curse on Human Beings"

Dogs’ Curse on Human Beings
K. V. Dominic

Curse upon you human beings
You are the most selfish
ungrateful and cruelest 
of all creations on this planet
Irrespective of your ruthless
cold-blooded callous nature
we love you and serve you
better than your family inmates
As reward for our service
you dispose our dear puppies 
road sides. They run starving
across dashing vehicles
Some are dead while others
live on littered wastes
you throw after use
Cruelty thy name is man!
You have made your pets
stray dogs struggling for life
Your throw out culture
throwing kitchen wastes of 
meat and fish on road sides
turned some carnivores who
are violent than the herbivores
Famished, a few become violent
and prey upon pedestrians
And you start massacre
killing all stray dogs labeling 
violent or man-eaters
Compared to our violators
multitudinous are your 
criminals and murderers 
Do you kill them all 
as you mercilessly butcher
roads after roads?
Mind you, this world is 
not your grandpas’
We too have a right 
as all other animals have
to live and share 
its sustaining wealth.
© K. V. Dominic

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