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Authorspress: Author’s Press in True Spirit & Sense

Authorspress: Author’s Press in True Spirit & Sense
Dr. K. V. Dominic

The generosity of vision, and acumen, abundance and spontaneous flow of academic and human interest are making the publishing house Authorspress, New Delhi greater and greater in its professionalism. It is doing the job with amazing knack and brilliance. Its messianic voice is a fountain of inspiration for both the budding and the established writers. It skillfully maintains the synchronization between pecuniary and cerebral tug of war.
The clans of publishers have propagated so rapidly during the last few decades that authentic and meticulous ones have often been put in the shade, and even thrown out. In view of this fact Authorspress has been doing wonderfully in publishing quality books of all kinds with superb editorial work, scrupulous scrutiny of the manuscript, meticulous proofreading, and yet without disregarding the aesthetic and artistic face. Its website is an excellent medium which enhances its stature and at the same time enables the authors, critics and readers to obtain books of their choice effortlessly. The growing stature of a publisher always lends respectability to its authors making it like an oasis in the vast desert around us. The books bearing this publishing house's insignia had an automatic acknowledgment as an author of importance.
The publishing house is different in its entrepreneurship and the person holding and running the press himself is a great human being, scholar and academician. His integrity and commitment is par excellence. The publisher showcases wonderful quality books to its credit in scholarly, creative and academic arena. The cover and quality of the book have been fetching praise and compliments not only from all across India but also from readers in the US, UAE, UK and other countries. Its books and journals are packed immaculately well, printed in absolute perfection, the page texture is more than what work deserved. Who can better bear the testimonial of these facts other than an author whose twenty books have so far been published by Authorspress:

1.       Who Is Responsible? (A Collection of Short Stories)
2.       Multicultural Studies on Three Nobel Laureates: Rabindranath Tagore, Toni Morrison & Alice Munro
3.       Abheepsa: Kavita Sangrah
4.       Indian Literatures in English: New Directions Newer Possibilities
5.       Multicultural Symphony (A Collection of Poems)
6.       Jayanti M. Dalal: Select Stories
7.       African and Afro-American Literature: Insights and Interpretations
8.       Changing Face of Women in Literature: The Flaming Spirit
9.       Critical Perspectives on the Poetry of R. K. Singh, D. C. Chambial and I. K. Sharma
10.   Multicultural Consciousness in the Novels of R. K. Narayan
11.   Critical Evaluation of Contemporary Indian Poetry in English
12.   Concepts and Contexts of Diasporic Literature of India
13.   Discourses on Five Indian Poets in English: Keki N. Daruwalla, Shiv K. Kumar, Pronab Kumar Majumder, Syed Ameeruddin and Aju Mukhopadhyay
14.   Studies on Six Indian Poets in English: Jayanta Mahapatra, Hazara Singh, P C K Prem, Gopikrishnan Kottoor, Manas Bakshi, Chandramoni Narayanaswamy
15.   Sarojini Sahoo’s Feminine Reflections
16.   Write Son, Write (A Collection of Poems)
17.   Stephen Gill’s Poetry: A Panorama World Peace
18.   Winged Reason (A Collection of Poems)
19.   Discourses on Contemporary Indian English Poets
20.   Postcolonial Readings in Indo-Anglian Literature

It knows well how to give room to the author and present the book in a suitable set-up. What makes it different from other publishers is its immensity and the way it handles the quality. The title, subtitle and cover design reflect and suggest the best one to make it reveal the content well. 

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                                                                                                                Page No
Chapter 1       Introduction
Poetic Mind of K. V. Dominic
-P C K Prem
Chapter 2       Humanism in K. V. Dominic’s Winged Reason
-Dr. S. Kumaran
Chapter 3       An Angel in Flight: A Critique of K. V. Dominic’s Winged Reason.
- Dr. Sudhir K Arora
Chapter 4       K. V. Dominic’s Multicultural Symphony: A Critique
-Dr. Sudhir K Arora
Chapter 5       K. V. Dominic—A Humanitarian in Conception and Socio-Consciousness: An Analytical Study of Write Son, Write
-Dr. D. C. Chambial
Chapter 6       K. V. Dominic’s Winged Reason: Poems of Man’s Earthly Life and Painful Realities 
-P. C. K. Prem
Chapter 7       Social Criticism in the Poetry of K. V. Dominic
-Prof. T. V. Reddy
Chapter 8       Concurrent Predicaments and Urge for Philanthropy in the Poetry of K.V. Dominic
-Dr. Sugandha Agarwal
Chapter 9       Poetry for a Better World: A Critical Look at the Poetry of K. V. Dominic 
-Dr. Rob Harle
Chapter 10     A Requiem for the Disconsolate: K. V. Dominic’s Poetry as a Social Criticism
-Dr. J. Pamela
Chapter 11     Poetry for Meaningful Life: A Critical Analysis of K. V. Dominic’s Poetry
-Dr. Bhaskar Roy Barman
Chapter 12     K. V. Dominic as a Social Critic: A Study of His Poems
-Dr. S. Ayyappa Raja
Chapter 13     Philosophical Voyage of K. V. Dominic
-Dr. Arbind Kumar Choudhary
Chapter 14     The Poet of the Marginalised: An Analysis of Dr. K. V. Dominic’s Poetry
-Anisha Ghosh (Paul)
Chapter 15     K. V. Dominic’s Poetry: Rebellion and Reticence on Winged Reason
-Joe  Palathunkal
Chapter 16     A Critical Analysis of K. V. Dominic as a Philosophical Poet
-Dr. Patricia Prime
Chapter 17     The Relation between God, Man and Nature in K. V. Dominic’s Poems
-Dr. Mahboobeh Khaleghi
Chapter 18     K. V. Dominic, the Messenger of Humanity, Peace and Harmony in the Universe
                        -Dr. Sangeeta Mahesh
Chapter 19     Philosophical Musings for Meaningful Life: An Analysis of
K. V. Dominic’s Poetry 
-Dr. Radhamany Sarma
Chapter 20     The Landscape of Kerala in K. V. Dominic’s Poetry
-Anisha Ghosh (Paul)
Chapter 21     Eco-critical Perspectives in the Poetry of K. V. Dominic
-Dr. S. Barathi
Chapter 22     Ecological Issues Reflected in the Selected Poems of K. V. Dominic
-Dr. Rincy Mol Sebastian
Chapter 23     Ecological and Social Issues in K. V. Dominic’s Multicultural Symphony
-Dr. Arbind Kumar Choudhary
Chapter 24     Holistic Musings:  K. V. Dominic as a Poet with Purpose
            -Kavitha Gopalakrishnan
Chapter 25     Interview with Prof. K. V. Dominic
-Prof. Elisabetta Marino
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