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Name of Book
Dr. Sarojini Sahoo: Trendsetter of Feminism
Edited by
K. V. Dominic
Published by
Authorspress, New Delhi
Original scholarly and unpublished critical articles on the works of Dr. Sarojini Sahoo are invited for the book Dr. Sarojini Sahoo: A Trendsetter of Feminism which will be edited by me and published by Authorspress, New Delhi by the end of this year. The submissions shall not be less than 2000 words and more than 6000 words. The anthology welcomes the submission of papers that meet the general criteria of significance and theoretical excellence. Authors are requested to emphasise on theoretical paradigm and feminine issues raised by Dr. Sahoo against the backdrop of proper objectification of suitable primary materials and documents. The papers should not be published in parts or whole or accepted for publication elsewhere. The documentation style to be used in the articles is strictly MLA style 7th Edition. The paper shall be accompanied by a declaration stating that the article is original, unpublished and no part of it is plagiarized. The submissions shall be sent by email to the editor. Email Address:
Last Date for Submission: 31 July 2013.
The contributors will receive a copy each free from the publisher.
A Note on Dr. Sarojini Sahoo
Well known for her frankness, Dr. Sarojini Sahoo is a prime figure and trendsetter of feminism in contemporary Oriya literature. For her, feminism is not a gender problem or any confrontational attack on male hegemony. She accepts feminism as a total entity of female hood, which is completely separate from the man's world. She has an avant-garde idea in feminism. Kindle magazine from Kolkata, has enlisted her name among 25 exceptional women of India in its March 2010 Issue. (
She writes with a greater consciousness of women’s bodies, which would create a more honest and appropriate style of openness, fragmentation and non-linearity. Her fictions always project a feminine sensibility from puberty to menopause. The feminine feelings like restrictions in adolescence, pregnancy, fear factors like being raped or being condemned by society and the concept of a bad girl etc. always have thematic exposure in her novels and short stories.
She writes her critical appraisals in English and her creative stuff in Odia. Sensible Sensuality (ISBN: 978-81-7273-541-8) is her famous collection of essays published by Authorspress, New Delhi. Her other works including novels and short stories in English are as follows:
The Dark Abode (2008) (ISBN 978-81-906956-2-6), English translation of her Odia novel Gambhiri Ghara has gained a reputation for its feminist outlook and sexual frankness. The novel has also been published from Bangladesh in Bengali as Mithya Gerosthali (2007) (ISBN 984 404 287-9). Prameela K. P. has translated this novel into Malayalam and has been published as Irunda Koodaram by Chintha Publishers, Thiruvanthapuram. Rajpal & Sons, Delhi has published its Hindi version as Band Kamra (ISBN 978-81-7028-954-8).
Besides her two short stories collections in English, such as: Sarojini Sahoo Stories (2006) (ISBN 81-89040-26-X) and Waiting for Manna (2008) (ISBN 978-81-906956-0-2), she has published a bunch of short stories at her blog Scent of Own Ink at:
If a contributor needs Dr. Sarojini Sahoo’s novel and short story collections for primary source material, kindly write to me. I will request Dr. Sahoo to make the material available to him/her.

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