Wednesday, 28 January 2015

K. V. Dominic's Multicultural Symphony (A Collection of Poems)

Multicultural Harmony
Siachen Tragedy
Global Warming’s Real Culprits
Cohabitance on the Planet
Multicultural Kerala
On Conservation
Charles Darwin, Patron Saint of Animals
Elephant Mania
India, Number One!
Child Labour
Caste Lunatics
Bulbul’s Nest
Beena’s Shattered Dreams
Mullaperiyar Dam
I Wish I could Fly Back
Pearl’s Harbour
Dignity of Labour
Drowned Dreams
Hungry Mouths
Ananthu and the Wretched Kite
A Spider in My Bathroom
Fruit of Labour
Sail of Life
Valueless Education
Musings on My Shoes
Multilingual Black Drongo
Mukesh’s Destiny
Lottery Ticket Sellers
Mahi’s Fourth Birthday
Who am I?
Bathroom Monologues
Martyrs at the Borders
Mother’s Love
Tears of a World Champion
Thodupuzha Municipal Park
Why is Fate So Cruel to the Poor?
Women’s Cricket World Cup 2013
ACTS--Saviors on the Roads
Beach Beauticians
A Tribute to Sakuntala Devi
Celebration of Girl-Child’s Birth
Where shall I Flee from This Fretful Land?
Homage to Swami Vivekananda
Agitation through Farming
An Ideal Festival
Protest against Sand Mafia

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