Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Prof. K. V. Dominic's four books of 2012 released at International Poetry Festival at JKC College. Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India

Prof. K. V. Dominic’s Books Published in 2012
1.     Changing Face of Women in Literature: The Flaming Spirit. New Delhi: Gnosis, 2012.
The female protagonists in most of the novels, plays and short stories in Indian literature—both vernacular and English—are characteristic, representative Indian women—passive, submissive, slavish preys of patriarchy. The plight of women in Indian society is very pathetic and hence it is the duty of the entire people—the rulers and the ruled—to bring women forward to the mainstream of the society including homes. This edited book by Prof. K. V. Dominic is in fact a search for ideal women characters in novels, plays and short stories. There are twenty six research articles in this book written by university/college professors, teachers, research scholars and professional writers

2.     Multicultural Consciousness in the Novels of R. K. Narayan. New Delhi: Authorspress, 2012.
R. K. Narayan is considered by many critics in India and abroad as the best Indian novelist in English. He is the only great Indian writer in English who spent the whole of his life in India and portrayed the life and society around him. Many of Narayan’s novels have pre-independent India in the background or settings.  They bring out the influence of Western values on the East, and conversely, the influence of Eastern values on the West. There are several occasions of confrontation between theses values but at the same time one finds assimilation, absorption and amalgamation of these cultural values throughout the novels. Prof. K. V. Dominic substantiates this multicultural consciousness analyzing several novels of Narayan in this book.

3.     Critical Evaluation of Contemporary Indian Poetry in English.  New Delhi: Access, 2012.
Contemporary Indian Poetry in English exhibits much depth, richness and diversity of themes. India being the richest soil of multiculturalism, we find innumerable cultural topics and themes, besides universal issues, in this poetry. Urban and rural themes, Nature and environmental problems, sexism, ageism, child labour, poverty, unemployment, ethics, devaluation, myths, ethos, feminism, casteism, communalism, superstitions, patriotism, nationalism, regionalism, terrorism, religion, spirituality, politics, science, globalization, love, peace, sex, multiculturalism etc. are the major themes portrayed in the poems of Indian poets in English. In this book edited by Prof. K. V. Dominic there are twenty eight critical and research articles written by university/college professors, research scholars and professional writers on twenty five contemporary poets, of whom four have left us forever,  immortalizing their names.

4.      African and Afro-American Literature: Insights and Interpretations. New Delhi: Authorspress, 2012.
African and Afro-American Literatures tell primarily the tales of colonization, hegemony, oppression, slavery, exploitation, resistance, inequality, pride in the past indigenous culture, identity crisis etc. In this multicultural world it is the duty of the pilots of the world—political, religious and intellectual—to give special care and attention to the less fortunate people of the Dark Continent; help them redeem their self respect and thus bring them to the mainstream of the global family. Thus understanding the need of the day, Prof. K. V. Dominic has edited this book consisting of thirty research articles written by university/college professors, research scholars and professional writers.

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