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Writers Editors Critics (WEC) 2.1 (March 2012) Issue--Cover Page and Contents

Myth of the Individual in Rushdie’s Haroun and the Sea of Stories: An Archetypal Perspective
--Abdulmonim Ali Ben Ali
Myths and Archetypes in Snodgrass’s Orpheus
--S. Barathi
From Penelope to Ulysses: Empowering Women while Exploring Scandinavia in Letters Written during a Short Residence in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark by Mary Wollstonecraft
--Elisabetta Marino
Daisy--A Fighter against Patriarchy: A Study of R. K. Narayan’s The Painter of Signs
--K. V. Dominic
Fashion Parade (Short Story)
--I. K. Sharma

The Beginnings –‘The Self’ in John Robert Fowles’s The Collector

--Farhana  Parveen
Report of the Poetry Reading Festival at Agartala
--Bhaskar Roy Barman
Voluntary Human Suffering as the Sacrament of Salvation: A Hopkinsian Perspective
--Fr. Jose Chelangara
Symbolism in Khuswant Singh’s Train to Pakistan
--Gayatri Pandey
Flood Changed the Flow of Her Life (Short Story)
--Aju Mukhopadhyay
Shifting Identities: Re-invention of the Self in Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s The Mistress of Spices
--Devasree Chakravarti & G. A. Ghanshyam
Mercian Hymns the Masterpiece of Geoffrey Hill’s Absentist Poetry
--Iran Nazargahi
Buddha’s Tears (Short Story)
--Jayanti M Dalal. Trans. Rajshree Trivedi
Seminar Report on Writing as Resistance: Bengali and Other Dalit Writings in English
--Jaydeep Sarangi
A Critical Evaluation of John Dos Passos, the Novelist
--Madhur Kumar
Matriarchal Assertiveness in Shoba De’s Select Novels
--Mangayar Karasi
‘Hidden Transcripts’ in Mahasweta Devi’s Rudali
--S. Niraimathi
The Picaresque Discourse in Claude McKay’s novel Banjo
--V. Vinodkumar & K. Rajaraman
East-West Encounter in Gita Mehta’s Raj
--Ruchi Banger
Single Child Family (Short Story)
--Pronab Kumar Majumder
The four Phases in Khuswant Singh’s novel Train to Pakistan
--Saikat Banerjee
Badal Sircar’s Experiments towards Decolonisation
--Sanjiv Kumar
Documentary Article on National Integration
--Shubhra Apurve
Agency and Motherhood: A Study of Mahasweta Devi’s In the Name of the Mother
--Chikkala Swathi
The Docile Avenger (Short Story)
--Nalini Sharma
Treatment of Sanity and Insanity in Shashi Deshpande’s That Long Silence
--Taniya Chakraborty & Joydeep Banerjee
Feminist Literary Historiography: A Study of Women’s Struggle in the Literary World
--Trayee Sinha
Passionate for Ever (Short Story)
--P. V. Jayaraj
Landscape Poetry of T. V. Reddy
--R. Venkata Ramana
Devotional Literature of India: A Critical Study of the Poetry of Kabirdas, Tulsidas and Meerabai
--Vijay Kumar Roy
Colonial Consciousness in Edward Thompson’s a Farewell to India
--Behzad Pourgharib
Freedom Struggle Consciousness in Kamala Markandaya’s The Golden Honeycomb
Plural Perspectives: A Study of Oliver Twist
--Iman Abdullah Yahya Al-Mahdi,

The End of a Reality (Poem)
--Bhaskar Roy Barman
Memory (Poem)
--Chandramoni Narayanaswamy
The Better Half (Poem)
--Chandramoni Narayanaswamy
The Beggar (Poem)
--T. M. Bhaskar
We Exist (Poem)
--Jaydeep  Sarangi
Conjugal Conjectures (Poem)
--Manas Bakshi
After The Sudden Shower (Poem)
--Manas Bakshi
God’s Titter (Poem)
--O. P. Arora
Youthful  Dreams (Poem)
--O. P. Arora
Moksha (poem)
--G. Rekha Venugopal
The End of a Dream (Poem)
--G. Rekha Venugopal
Au Revoir (Poem)
--G. Rekha Venugopal
O Keats! (Poem)
--Sandeep Sharma
Under the Cherry Tree (Poem)
--Sunil Sharma
Dragonflies (Poem)
--Sunil Sharma
Gannet (Poem)
--Rishikesh Kumar Singh
Euthanasia (Poem)
--Rishikesh Kumar Singh
Emersonian Views about Human Nature and Human Mind
--Anita Sethi
O. P. Arora’s Pebbles on the Shore (Book Review)
--Patricia Prime
K. V. Dominic’s (ed.) Concepts and Contexts of Diasporic Literature of India (Book Review)
--S. Rukmini
K. V. Dominic’s (ed.) Discourses on Five Indian Poets in English: Keki N. Daruwalla, Shiv K. Kumar, Pronab Kumar Majumder, Syed Ameeruddin and Aju Mukhopadhyay (Book Review)
--D. C. Chambial
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